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2019R1 HB 3063 B

This bill removes ability of parent to decline required immunizations for child other than child's indicated medical diagnosis removing protections for unvaccinated and doctors who write medical exemption. Requires unvaccinated child to take online courses.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Parents will have the sole responsibility of caring for injured children, yet have NO say in mitigating that injury or damage. A significant negative impact on Oregon families, and will create hostility and force many Oregon families underground, and without access to health care, putting a target on unvaccinated homeschoolers prohibiting them from attending or participating in school-related activities when the child will share physical space with other individuals. Added a list of 10 “Restrictable diseases” that are the subject to being vaccinated. Allows child who is not immunized or exempt to attend school that provides education program through online courses. This is the dark ages when they segregated for leprosy and untouchable of AIDS. Online schools will become a stigma.

Fiscal Responsibility
There is no recourse, no safety data, and very few objective studies on vaccines. The 1986 vaccine injury compensation act prohibits directly suing vaccine manufacturers, and instead injured parties must file against the government. The vaccine court has paid out 4.5 Billion dollars of tax payer money to injured parties. There is no control where there is no liability. This will be a liability for the state. OHA keeps pushing for vaccine uptake, and now the "baby on board" bill has a nurse come to the home of home birth families to discuss and administer vaccines, under threat of a DHS call.

Limited Government
This Bill is a massive government overreach! The government doesn't have the authority to mandate anybody put anything in thier body against consent. This bill violates the Constitution, the U.N. human rights laws, the Nuremburg code, the Hippocratic oath of doctors, and a doctors right to treat patients as they see fit.

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